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It should be noted that some animals will not be deterred by these structures. Squirrels can climb the fence, for example. Wild turkeys can fly over it.

Tips for Protecting Your Garden From Deers

Creating a beautiful garden brings about a great deal of delight for enthusiasts who love to exercise their green thumb. Unfortunately, gardens are not only attractive to humans, but to animals as well. Deer will often come and feed on gardens, causing them to quickly be destroyed. Thankfully, there are some methods, such as deer fencing, that allow gardeners to protect their work and prevent damage from occurring.


Tips for Keeping Deer Out


It is important gardeners understand the types of plants deer are most attracted to. Deer will eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, beans, peppers, and broccoli. If a gardener is going to grow these types of plants, they especially need to be proactive and protect their crop. The following offers some solutions to help gardeners understand the steps they need to take to make sure their garden is fully protected at all times.


Fencing is a must for keeping deer out of a garden. While some gardeners are able to get enough protection by simply individually fencing in their plants, this is not always effective enough. Wildlife experts agree gardeners should also fence in their property to keep deer from gaining access. Due to their weight, the fencing should be strong enough to prevent them from being able to destroy the fencing.


Planting the right plants can also be a deterrent to deer. Deer do not enjoy hairy or prickly plants because of the way they feel on their tongue. If a gardener plants a wide array of these plants as a border to their garden, they can often keep deer out. It is essential an individual studies the types of deer in their area, so they will know which plants will be best.


Very fragrant plants can also act as a deterrent to deer. When a gardener plants very fragrant plants such as sage and mint, this can cause slight confusion to the deer and prevent them from wanting to dig in and begin eating the garden plants.


Get Started Right Away


It is essential individuals work to protect their garden against deer who find it immensely attractive. With the above tips and the right fencing, individuals can fully protect their garden and prevent animals from destroying their hard work.


If you would like to learn more about your fencing options, visit Benner's Gardens. They can help you find the perfect fencing solution to keep the deer out and your garden safe.